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In December 1961 the Swedish Government approved development of Aircraft System 37, the Viggen. The basic platform was the AJ 37 attack aircraft, to be followed by S 37 reconnaissance versions and the JA 37 fighter. The new aircraft had a novel and advanced aerodynamic configuration to meet the short take-off/landing and other performance requirements: a fixed foreplane with flaps was mounted ahead of and slightly above the delta main wing. On 8 February 1967 the first prototype of the Saab 37 Viggen family made its maiden flight. In April 1968 the Government authorized Viggen production and the first aircraft was delivered in July 1971. A total of 329 aircraft were eventually built in attack, trainer, two reconnaissance versions and the more powerful fighter variant that included new avionics, new air-to-air missiles and Europe´s first pulse-Doppler radar.

In 1985 Austria became the third export customer, after Denmark and Finland, to buy Saab Draken. This was the fourth time that Austria bought Saab aircraft for their air defense, having previously bought Saab 29, Saab Safir and Saab 105OE. The last of 329 Viggens, a JA 37 fighter version, was delivered from Saab in Linköping to the Swedish Air Force in 1990. Since then, Viggen has undergone several upgrades, the latest being Mod. D for the fighter version including communication and weapon systems similar to those in Gripen.

The aircraft's main wings are low-mounted, delta-shaped, extending from the body midsection to the exhaust. Small, clipped delta wings are forward of the main wings and high-mounted on the body. There is one turbofan engine in the body. There are semicircular air intakes just forward and below the secondary wings. There is a large, single exhaust. The fuselage is short and wide with a pointed, solid nose. There is a bubble canopy and a small belly fin. There are no tail flats. There is a large, unequally tapered fin with a small, clipped tip.


Country of Origin Sweden.
Similar Aircraft
  • Kfir
  • Mirage III/5.
  • Crew
  • One
  • Trainer--Two
  • Role
  • multirole
  • fighter
  • Armament
  • cannon
  • gun pods
  • missiles
  • rockets
  • bombs
  • Length 53 ft, 6 in (16.4 m)
    Span 34 ft, 9 in (10.7 m)
    User Country Sweden

    VRML 3-D Model

    Saab Viggen
    VRML by Soji Yamakawa

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