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PAH-2 Tiger

The Tiger constitutes an entirely new generation of helicopters for the armed forces of Germany and France. One of the most advanced combat helicopter in the world today, Tiger offers flexibility and mission diversity to meet the new challenges facing Western alliance and United Nations member countries following the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. Rapid reaction forces, the Franco-German Brigade, Euro-Corps and similar units can make use of Tiger's inherent multi-mission capabilities which include: dedicated anti-tank missions, mixed ground-target engagements, escort/combat support missions, surveillance and reconnaissance missions as well as protection missions for unarmed transport helicopters flying humanitarian aid missions.

The Germans and French are co-developing the PAH-2 Tiger attack helicopter, which has many of the capabilities of the American AH-64 Apache. The EUROCOPTER Group, owned 70% by AEROSPATIALE France and 30% by Daimler Aerospace (DASA) of Germany, designs and manufactures a wide range of civil and military helicopters in the 2 to 10 ton class. Today, EUROCOPTER is the world's leading manufacturer of civil helicopters, with more than 11.000 helicopters in service in 126 countries.

Despite the political impetus behind co-operation from the French and German Governments, the Tiger was subject to a troubled and protracted gestation. Discussions on a joint program began in the late 1970s, but differences between French and German requirements delayed formal commitment until 1983. In order to reconcile the different requirements of the French and German armies, the industrial consortium was required to produce a common airframe with three separate weapons and equipment fits. And in 1987 rising costs induced a simplified program with the same helicopter to be procured by both countries.

An initial batch of 160 helicopters, 80 for Germany and 80 for France, will be procured. The German Army's total requirement of 212 and the French Army's requirement of a total of 215 Tiger helicopters remains unchanged. Production and final assembly of the machines will be at the Eurocopter plants in Donauwörth (Germany) and Marignane (France). Cost and work shares are divided between the two partner countries on a 50:50 per cent basis. Deliveries will commence in 2002.



Country of Origin
Builder Eurocopter
RoleScout, escort, anti-tank, fire support
Similar Aircraft
Wing Span
Weight 6,000 kg/13,230 lb
Engine MTR390 turboshaft
Maximum speed179 mph
Cruising speed HCP (roof sight) 280 km/h-150 kts
U TIGER (mast sight) 260 km/h-140 kts
Range 800 km-432 n.m.
Maximum Endurance 3 hrs 25 min
Service Ceiling
  • Up to 2x22 rockets
  • up to 2x12 rocket pods
  • up to 2x2 Mistral air-to-air missiles
  • up to 2x4 HOT anti-tank missiles
  • 30 mm turreted gun
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