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The Sukhoi Su-7 is a single seat ground attack aircraft that was long a standard tactical fighter-bomber with the Soviet Air Force. The development of Su-7 began in the early 1950's. First prototype called S-1 "Strela" made its first flight in 1955. The Su-7 was unveiled to the West at the 1956 Soviet Aviation Day display at Tushino Airport outside Moscow. The prototype came out to be very promising and Su-7 went in production several years later, with modifications including the Su-7B and Su-7BKL. The airplane was exported to Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, China, and other countries.

The Su-7 is armed with two 30mm NR-30 guns in wing roots, each with 70 rounds. Under-wing pylons allow two 742 kg or two 495 kg of bombs or rocket pods. The wings are mid- to low-mounted (wings are mounted below center of aircraft) with wide wing roots, swept-back, and tapered with blunt tips. There is one engine in the body. There is a circular air intake in the nose and a large, single exhaust. The fuselage is a long, tubular body with a blunt nose and rear. There is a large, bubble canopy. The tail is swept-back and has a tapered tail fin with a blunt tip. It has swept-back and tapered flats mid- to low-mounted on the fuselage.


Country of Origin CIS (formerly USSR)
Similar Aircraft
  • Lightning
  • F-100 Super Sabre
  • MiG-21 Fishbed
  • Crew One
    Role ground-attack
    Length 57 ft (17.38 m)
    Span 29 ft, 3 in (9 m)
    Weight 13,387kg (loaded)
    Maximum Speed 1.6 Mach
    Maximum Ceiling Unknown
    Service Ceiling 18 km
    Maximum Range 1,449 km
    Cruise range 645nm
    Combat Range 250-350 km (with drop tanks)
    In-Flight Refueling No
    Internal Fuel 2350 Kg
    Payload 1000kg
    Drop Tanks 600 L drop tank with 479kg for 69 nm range
    Ferry tank with 719kg for 99nm range
    Sensors High Fix (SRD-5M) radar.
    Armament two Cannon: NR-30 30mm
    FAB-500, UV-16-57 rocket bods, FAB-250, AA-2,FAB-750, FAB-500
    Usesr Countries
  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Czech Republic
  • North Korea
  • South Yemen.
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