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Multi Role Transport (MRT)
Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT)

The Airbus A310 MRT for the German Air Force is a joint project of DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Airbus GmbH and Lufthansa Technik. The MRT - Multi Role Transport - can fulfil a wide range of different transport tasks with just one aircraft type. The concept is based on conversions of Airbus A310-300 commercial aircraft, which are already in worldwide operation. Standardized kits - including all systems for transport tasks - are used for the conversion in accordance with customer requirements.

The Multi-Role Transport (MRT) version will be realized by the conversion of Airbus passenger aircraft by means of DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Airbus conversion kits. In three versions, the aircraft can fulfil the tasks passenger/personnel transport, combined cargo and passenger/personnel transport, or conduct ambulance flights for ill, hurt or wounded persons (MEDEVAC). All versions offer the advantages of modern, economic and proven medium-to-long-range widebody aircraft and are capable of performing transport tasks at favorable operating costs. At the same time, the fleet of transport aircraft is harmonized by having only one single aircraft type - including VIP versions. With this cargo combi version, a wide range of transport tasks can be covered: transporting personnel and cargo as well as conducting ambulance flights. The first order of this kind will be an A310 Multi-Role Transport (MRT) performed for the German Air Force in 1998. The integration of a tanker kit for air-to-air refueling by means of Airbus Industrie conversion kits will also be possible at a later date.

The Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) concept provides for the use of the twin-jet A310 as a multi-purpose military transport and tanker. It is planned to enhance the MRT into a Multi Role Tanker Transport for the German Air Force through the installation of a tanker kit.


Country of Origin
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Length 144   ft 43.90   m
Wingspan 153   ft 46.66   m
Height 51   ft 15.80   m
Fuselage diameter 18   ft 5.64  
MTOW: Maximum takeoff weight 346100   lb 157   t
Operating weight, empty 174150   lb 79   t
Fuel capacity
incl. one additional tank
120800   lb 54.8   t
Max. cruise speed (MMo)       0.84  
Max. cruise altitude 41000   ft 12500   m
Range with 214 passengers 4450   nm 8250   km
Range of combi version            
-57 pass./ 30 t cargo 3400   nm 6300   km
-57 pass./ 10 t cargo 5100   nm 9450   km
Max. range 5700   nm 10560   km
Power Plant GE-CF6-80C2A2          
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