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The Mi-4 HOUND helicopter is a piston-engined aircraft developed for unarmed military transport. Approximately 3,000 Mi-4 Hounds were built before production ended in 1969. These piston-engined aircraft have been largely replaced by jet-powered helicopters in the transport and antisubmarine role. The large, four-blade main rotor is mounted on top of the fuselage midsection. The single piston engine is mounted within the nose section. The fuselage is short and oval with a solid rounded nose and stepped-up cockpit. It features a high-mounted, long, thin tail boom with a gun mount under the belly (oil pan) and four-wheeled landing gear. The tail is small, with a three-blade rotor attached to right side of the thin fin and small flats forward of the fin.


Country of Origin Russia & China
Builder MIL
RoleTransport (12 to 16 equipped troops), armed support, trainer
Similar Aircraft BO 105, Defender 500
Rotor diameter 69 ft (21 m)
Length 55 ft (16.8 m)
Height 17 ft.
Weight 17,200 lbs. /
Engine 1 x 1,700 shp Shvetson ASh-82V, air-cooled radial
Maximum speed99 mph
Cruising speed
Service Ceiling
ArmamentMachine gun pod, rockets
Crew Three
User Countries Afghanistan, Albania (Z-5), Algeria, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Mali, Mongolia, North Korea, North Yemen, People’s Republic of China (Z-5), Poland, Romania, Somalia , South Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam


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