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Mi-14 Haze

The Mi-14 Haze is a shore-based, navalized version of the Mi-8 'Hip' with a float bottom and ASW equipment. There are alsa SAR and mine-sweeping versions. In addition to its multirole capability, the Mi-14 features high flight performance: a 900 to 1,000 km range and four-hour endurance on internal fuel only. Currently, the only competitor to the Mi-14GP is the Eurocopter AS 332L1 Super Puma. The Mi-14 can land on water, drop liferafts overboard and take at least 20 survivors aboard. It can be employed for search, transport and rescue (dropping 20 liferafts).


Country of Origin
  • A is ASW
  • B is MCm variant(unarmed)
  • Similar Aircraft
    Rotor Span 21.2m
    Length 25.3m
    Weight 9000kg Empty
    14000kg Maximum
    Payload 2000 kg
    Engine2 Isotov TV3-117
    Maximum speed230km/h
    Cruising speed
    Range 1135km
    Cruise range 432 nm
    Service Ceiling 3500-5000 m
    ArmamentE45-75A torp or B-1, Nuclear DB
    Sensors MAD, dipping sonar, 20 sonobuoys, Radar type unknown
    Crew 2
    User Countries

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