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MBD's Marvel UAV system is targeted for maritime customers in addition to land-based missions, given that the Scorpion airframe can operate from areas as small as helipads. Freewing™'s patented Tilt-Body™ technology creates a new method of vectoring thrust in airplanes, one which is both inherently stable and mechanically simple, requiring only three moving parts. The Matra BAe name for its UAV system is the Marvel, which combines the Scorpion air vehicle with Matra BAe payloads and command & control systems.

Freewing™ has sold to Matra BAe Dynamics of distribution rights for its Scorpion UAV, a revolutionary unmanned airplane that can take off and land much like a helicopter. The territory includes all of Europe and the Middle East. The new agreement extends MBD's exclusivity through 2002 and dramatically expands the territory for which MBD has distribution rights. Freewing™ retains all manufacturing rights, and acts as air vehicle supplier for the Marvel system throughout Matra BAe's territory.

France-based Matra BAe Dynamics is the largest missile and UAV manufacturer in Europe. In 1994 MBD signed a strategic alliance agreement with Freewing™ in order to use the Scorpion airframe for the Marvel UAV system. At that time Matra bought the exclusivity only for France, the UK and Germany, for a time period into 1998.


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