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KA-27 Helix A
KA-29 Helix B
KA-32 Helix

Ka-27 was designed to replace Ka-25. The first prototype flew in December 1974. Variants include the Ka-27PS search and rescue version and Ka-28 ASW model. The Ka-29 combat/transport helicopter and Ka-31 surveillance variant are in operational service. The primary function of the KA-29 Helix B amphibious assault helicopter is delivery of percision-guided weapons, weapons designation, and troop transport.

There are two versions of the Ka-32 helicopter: transport Ka-32T and shipborne Ka-32C. The Ka-32T version is designed for transporting cargoes inside the cabin and and externally (for oversized cargoes), passenger transportation, logging in hard access areas, to fulfill civil engineering and installation work, construction, search/rescue missions, medevac and off-shore oil rings servicing operations and various types of aerial survey. The Ka-32C version is designed for carrying out ice prospecting during the steering of the convoys of ships, their unloading, performance of rescue operations at sea and acting as ambulances. The Ka-32 has two TVZ-117 turboprop engines which provide higher power and safety under extreme conditions. Transport version, KA-32T, is devoted to carry cargoes both internally


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Similar Aircraft
  • KA-27 Helix A is ASW
  • KA-27 Helix C is utility / SAR.
  • KA-29 Helix B is amphibious assault
  • Ka-32T transport
  • Ka-32C shipborne
  • Rotor Span 51.64 ft/15.75 m
    Length 34 ft/10.4 m
    Height 18 ft/5.5 m
    Weight 11,000 kg
    Engine TB 3-117 VM
    Speed 260 km/h Max. allowable flight speed
    205 km/h Cruising speed at 1,500 m with 9,600 kg weight
    115 km/h Economy speed at 1,500 m with 9,600 kg weight
    Ceiling 5000 meters
    Cruise range 432 nm
    In-Flight Refueling No
    Internal Fuel 432 kg
    Payload 800 kg
    Crew 1 minimum
  • KA-27 Helix A : Radar; MAD; dipping sonar; 12 sonobuyoys, RWR
  • KA-29 Helix B : RWR, directional ESM, dorsal EW pod
  • Drop Tanks na
  • KA-27 Helix A : E45-7A torp or B-1 DC, Nuclear DB
  • KA-29 Helix B : UB-20 rocket pods, AT-6 Spiral
  • Cost $1,500,000
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    KA-27 Helix A

    KA-29 Helix B

    KA-32 Helix

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