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G-2 Galeb
G-4 Super Galeb

The Galeb was first flown in 1961 and is the standard Yugoslav air force basic trainer. It is equipped with two machine guns. Jastreb is a single-seat attack version equipped with three machine guns and eight underwing hardpoints for ordnance.

Super Galeb G-4 is a tandem - seat low-wing single-engine trainer/ground attack aircraft designed for modern basic/advanced training and ground support. It is a highly modified derivative of the Galeb G-2, which is currently used as a trainer. The Galeb's wings are low-mounted and slightly tapered. The fuel tanks are generally mounted at the square tips on the Galeb, though not on the Super Galeb. There is one turbojet engine inside body. There are semicircular air intakes alongside the body extending from the rear of, and below, the canopy. The fuselage is rounded, tapered to the rear, and has a round nose. The aircraft has a bubble canopy. The rear of canopy is flush with the dorsal spine. The tail flats low-mounted on the tail fin, equally tapered with square tips. The fin is swept-back and tapered with a blunt tip.

Specifications - G-4 Super Galeb

Crew 2
  • 23mm cannon
  • 4 hardpoints
  • Engine Rolls-Royce Viper 632-46 turbojet
    Engine power (dry) 4000lbs 17.8kN
    Top speed 565mph 910km/h
    Payload 4525lbs 2050kg
    Length 40' 2" 12.25m
    Height 14' 1" 4.3m
    Wingspan 32' 5" 9.88m
    Weight (empty) 7000lbs 3175kg
    Weight (max T-O) 13,900lbs 6300kg

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