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AS 550 Fennec

The AS 550 C3 is the combat version of the single-engine Fennec. It is fitted with sliding doors, a raised landing gear, an instrument panel adapted to tactical flight and provisions for night flight with night vision goggles. It can be fitted with axial weapons such as a 20-mm gun, pod-mounted rocket launchers, a gun, a side-firing machine gun, or in the anti-tank or air-air version, it can carry 4 missiles. The AS 555 UN and AS 555 AN are the land versions of the twin-engine Fennec. The AS 555 UN is particularly intended for reconnaissance/observation missions, IFR training. The AS 555 AN is the armed version. It can be fitted with the same weapons equipping the AS 550 C3. The AS 555 MN and AS 555 SN are the navalized versions of the twin-engine Fennec. Fitted with a 360-degree radar, the AS 555 MN performs surveillance and observation missions. The AS 555 SN, intended for anti-submarine warfare, carries a torpedo.


Country of Origin
  • UN-Utility,Reconaissance
  • AN-Armed Battlefield Reconaissance
  • MN-Naval
  • SN-Anti-Submarine
Similar Aircraft
Wing Span
Weight 2,250 kg/4,960 lb Maximum
2,800 kg/6,172 lb Maximal with external load
Maximum useful load 1,046 kg/2,306 lb (including mission fuel)
Sling load capacity 1,400 kg/3,086 lb
2 Turbomeca Arrius TM 319 1 A1 Engines
Maximum speed136 mph
Cruising speed 245 km/h-133 kts ( at maximum weight)
Range 650 km-350 n.m.
Service Ceiling
ArmamentAN - Cannon, rocket-launchers, machine guns
SN - Torpedo
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