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The Mitsubishi F1 attack aircraft, which is similar in configuration to the Jaguar, is the combat version of the T-2 trainer. The rear cockpit of the T-2 is faired over with the space used for additional fuel. Other modifications include the addition of two wing pylons and a fuselage pylon, and the 20mm Vulcan cannon of the T-2A armament trainer along with combat avionics. The F-1 is a capable attack aircraft though with relatively short range, and can be used in interception missions carrying the AIM-9 missile. A total of 77 aircraft were built.


Type F-1
Function attack
Year 1977
Crew 1
Engines 2 * 3300kg Ishikawajima-Harime TF40-801A
Wing Span 7.88m
Length 17.66m
Height 4.39m
Wing Area 21.18m2
Empty Weight 6358kg
Max.Weight 13674kg
Speed 1700km/h
Ceiling 15250m
Range 1130km
Internal Fuel 3054 kg
Drop Tanks 833 L drop tank with 659kg of fuel for 126nm range
In-Flight Refueling No
Payload 2722kg
Sensors J/AWG-12 radar, RWR, basic bombsite
  • Cannon: 1 20mm Vulcan
  • Type 80 ASM
  • Mk82 500lb bombs
  • M117 750lb bombs
  • LAU-69 rocket pods
  • AAM-1
  • AIM-9L
  • VRML 3-D Model

    Mitsubishi F-1
    VRML by Soji Yamakawa

    Mitsubishi T-2
    Blue Impulse
    VRML by Soji Yamakawa

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