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The DC-3 was first flown in 1935. About 13,000 of these aircraft were built, including approximately 2,000 built in Russia and Japan. More than 700 are still in use worldwide. The wings are low-mounted with unequally tapered leading and trailing edge, rounded tips and positive slant. Two piston engines are mounted in the wing’s leading edges. There are also turboprop versions. The fuselage is club-shaped and tapered to the rear with a solid, round nose and a stepped cockpit. The tail fin is tapered with a rounded tip. Flats are mid-mounted on the body with round tips.


Country of Origin USA
RoleMedium-transport, cargo (35 equipped troops)
Similar AircraftI1-14 Crate
Wing Span 95 ft (29 m)
Length 64 ft, 5 in (19.6 m)
Maximum speed
Cruising speed
Service Ceiling
ArmamentUsually none except modified gunship
Crew Five
User Countries Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Colombia, Congo, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Rwanda, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, Zambia.

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