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The CN-235 is a high-wing, pressurised, twin turbo-prop plane with STOL performance that can carry a maximum payload of 6,000 kg. Its maximum cruising speed is 240 Ktas and it has a range of 2,250 nautical miles with a payload of 3,550 kg. The CN-235 has been conceived for tactical military transport and is capable of operating from unpaved runways and has excellent low level flying characteristics for tactical penetration. Its large cargo hold and hydraulically operated rear ramp allow easy access for vehicle transport, standard 88 x 108 pallets, making it the ideal complement to the Hercules C-130. It can carry most combat aircraft engines and may also be subjected to a quick change configuration. The CN-235 can be used to transport up to 48 paratroopers who may jump out either of the two side doors or the rear ramp. The CN-235 is able to carry out high and low altitude (HAD, LAPES) in-flight drops distribution of up to four tons of supplies to forward troops. On medical evacuation missions, the plane can transport up to 21 stretchers, with four medics.

Although the CN-235 was initially the result of cooperation between CASA and ITPN of Indonesia, CASA has developed its own series and versions, with increases in weights, ground performance improvements, etc. CASA's aircraft is therefore the product of continuous development, not just in the military sphere, but also in civil areas and this is illustrated by the fact of having been approved by the FAA, FAR-25, JAR-25 and the Australian CAA among others. The CN-235 is the ideal platform for the development and integration of a wide variety of versions like the Maritime Patrol Version (PERSUADER) Electronic Warfare (ESM/ECM and ELINT/COMINT), Early Warning, Navigation School, Photogrammetry, etc. The CN-235 is a leader in its class, with more than 220 aircraft sold to 29 operators and about 500,000 flight hours


Country of Origin
   Length  21.40 m 70 2"
   Wing Span  25.81 m 84 8"
   Cabin Length 9.65 m 31 8"
   Cabin Height 1.90 m 6 3"
   Cabin Width 2.70 m 8 11"
   Maximum Take-off Weight 16,500 kg 36,376 lb
   Maximum Landing Weight 16,500 kg 36,376 lb
   Maximum Payload 6,000 kg 13,227 lb
   Maximum Fuel  5,220 l   1,378 US Gall
   Number of Fully Equipped Troops 57
   Number of 88" x 108" Pallets 4
   Maximum Cruising Speed 246 ktas
   Take-off Distance (S/L, ISA, MTOW at  50 ft) 745 m 2,475
   Landing Distance (S/L, ISA, MTOW at  50 ft) 603 m 1,979
   Maximum Range  5,000 km 2,700 nm
   Range with Full Load  1,300 km 700 nm
Power Plant
   Number/Model  2 General Electric CT7-9C3
   Power per unit 1,750 CV

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