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The Brevel Kleinfluggerät Zielortung (KZO) of the German forces, is a reconnaissance and target location UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) being developed by GIE Eurodrone under contract from the German and French defence ministries. Its main missions are to provide reconnaissance data and to detect and provide accurate position data on enemy targets for the artillery. GIE Eurodrone is a management branch of the Franco-British company Matra BAe Dynamics and the German firm STN Atlas Elektronik.

UAV development efforts in Western Europe have experienced many of the same problems as their American counterparts, compounded by more serious funding problems. The Franco-German Brevel program has dragged on in fits and starts over the past decade due to funding problems and the unsynchronized requirement debates of the two partners. At the moment, production for France appears to be moribund due to budget shortfalls, though Germany may acquire the system eventually.

Brevel is a real-time sighting and target localisation system. It is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with very low radar, acoustic and thermal signatures. It has an infra-red imager mounted on a 3-axis gyro stabilised platform, is ready to launch within 10 minutes whatever the wind direction, requires a very small area for take-off and landing and has a jam-resistant data link. Brevel also possesses real-time transmission of pre-compressed images through a very automated and compact ground station assuring mission planning, flight control and image interpretation, computer assisted detection and automatic editing of reports.


Country of Origin France / UK / Germany
BuilderGIE Eurodrone
  • Matra BAe Dynamics (50%)
  • STN Altas Elektronik (50%)
  • Role
    Similar AircraftTaifun
    Wing Span 11 ft, 1 in (3.4 m)
    Length 7 ft, 5 in (2.3 m)
    Maximum speed
    Cruising speed
    Service Ceiling
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