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The An-32 Cline is a direct development of the An-24 Coke. Major recognition differences of the Cline are the engines mounted over the wings, and a large belly fin beneath the tail section. The wings are high-mounted and equally tapered from the engines to the blunt tips. Two turboprops mounted in pods over the wings which extend beyond the wings’ leading and trailing edges. The fuselage is long and tubular, with upswept rear section and solid, rounded nose and stepped cockpit. The fin is unequally tapered with blunt tip and angular fairing. Flats are high-mounted on the body, back-tapered with blunt tips, and have a positive slant.


Country of Origin Russia
RoleShort- to medium-range, light-transport, cargo (39 equipped troops, small vehicles), airdrop
Similar AircraftAn-24 Coke, An-26 Curl
Wing Span 95 ft, 9 in (29.2 m)
Length 78 ft (23.75 m)
Maximum speed
Cruising speed
Service Ceiling
ArmamentUsually none
Crew Five
User Countries CIS, Cuba, India, Mongolia, Peru

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