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An-12 CUB

An-12 is a development of the An-10. The first prototype flew in March of 1957, the same month as the An-10 prototype, which indicates the close relationship between the aircraft. The civilian version, the An-12B, first flew in 1961 and went in production in 1962. Over 900 An-12 Cubs were built before production ended in 1973. In the mid-1990s large numbers of the Cub are still in service with the CIS air force.

The wings are high-mounted with drooping outer wing panels, back-tapered leading edges, straight trailing edges, and blunt tips. Four turboprop engines are mounted under the wings’ leading edges. The round, slender body features a stepped cockpit and glassed-in nose, with landing gear pods which bulge at lower body midsection. The tail flats are unequally tapered with blunt tips and mounted high on the fuselage. The fin is tapered with a blunt tip and a step in the leading edge. Two 23-mm guns are mounted in a tail turret.

The Shaanxi Y-8 is a licensed version of An-12 built in China. An AEW version has been reported to be under development. The Y-8MP, the maritime patrol version, is the first long-range maritime patrol aircraft deployed by the Peoples Liberation Army Navy [PLAN]. With a rrange of 5,600km, it consists of the Y-8/An-12 transport aircraft, equipped with a Litton APSO-504(V)3 surface search radar in an enlarged undernose radome along with additional navigational systems. About half a dozen Y-8Xs patrol aircraft are believed in service, and although the aircraft has the potential to carry a large load of weapons, it is believed at present to be un-armed. The Chinese Navy also reportedly is acquiring Skymaster AEW radars. While Chinese officials claim these radars will be used for search and rescue operations, they could be used in AEW and surface surveillance roles.


Country of Origin Russia
RoleMedium-cargo/transport, ECM, ELINT
Similar AircraftC-130 Hercules, C-160 Transall, G.222
Crew 3-6
Wingspan 38.0 m / 124 ft, 8 in
Length 33.1 m / 121 ft, 4 in
Height 10.53 m
Wing area 121.7 sq. m
Empty weight 30500 kg
Takeoff weight 54000 kg
Max. takeoff weight 61000 kg
Engines 4 AI-20M, 4250 hp each
Max. speed 640 km/h
Cruise speed 600 km/h
Landing speed 170 km/h
Ceiling 10200 m
Takeoff roll 850 m
Landing roll 860 m
Range 5500 km
Armamenttwin 23mm NR-23 cannons in tail
Payload 100 equipped troops
vehicles and weapons
130 passengers or cargo

13.5 m x 2.6 m x 3.5 m (122.9 cu. m) cargo bay
User Countries Angola, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, CIS, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, People’s Republic of China (Y-12), Poland, Slovakia, South Yemen, Sri Lanka, Syria (Y-12), Yugoslavia

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