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Alouette 2 was the first turbine-powered helicopter in the world to go into production. First produced in 1957, the Alouette II has gone through a series of upgrades. All of the aircraft of this type are similar, including the SA-315B Lama which is equipped with the Alouette II airframe and the Alouette III engine. The three-blade main rotor is high-mounted to the rear of the cockpit. The single turboshaft engine with an upturned exhaust is high-mounted on the fuselage to the rear of the cockpit and main rotor shaft. The fuselage is an oval, transparent, bubble cockpit with a tadpole-like appearance and fixed-skid landing gear. The tail boom is an open framework. The tail is small and rectangular, with square-tipped flats forward of a small, right side-mounted rotor.


Country of Origin France
RoleObservation, liaison, light-attack
Similar AircraftAlouette III, Gazelle, Scout/Wasp, OH-13 Sioux
Rotor diameter 36 ft (11 m)
Length 33 ft, 8 in (10.28 m)
Maximum speed
Cruising speed
Service Ceiling
ArmamentMachine gun, rockets, missiles
Crew One
User Countries Algeria, Belgium, Djibouti, Ecuador, France, Germany, India (Cheetah), Indonesia, Pakistan (Lama), Portugal, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey

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