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DATE: 10 June 1998


YUMA PROVING GROUND, AZ At 2:16 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, the Bombardier Services Corporation CL-327 Guardian Vertical Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle came apart in the air during a demonstration test flight here. The CL-327 Guardian was flying over the test range at an altitude of 6000 feet approximately 2.5 kilometers away from the initial launch pad. It was five hours, nine minutes into a planned six-hour flight when the mishap occurred. The air vehicle had flown more than 50 hours during demonstration flights. There were no personal injuries or damage to property in the area.

The Bombardier Guardian UAV was participating in a Navy-sponsored demonstration aimed at showing the maturity of vertical and takeoff UAV technology. The Guardian was nearing completion of the final phases of a highly successful demonstration this week when the mishap occurred.

Three private companies have participated in the demonstration including Bombardier of Montreal, Canada; Bell Helicopter of Fort Worth, Texas, with their Eagle Eye UAV; and Science Applications International Corporation with the Vigilante.

An investigation team has been formed and is on scene to determine the exact cause of the mishap.


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