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Mobile Tower System (MOTS)
Tower Restoral Vehicle (TRV)

The Army's MOTS is a mobile Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower designed to quickly establish air traffic services during the initial phases of deployment and sustain those services throughout operations and redeploy-ment. The MOTS will support the Force XXI battlefield commander by providing portable, durable, and modular radio communications and ATS equipment able to maneuver on the battlefield with short response time and with no impact on combat forces.

Mounted on a HMMWV, it will self deploy or be air lifted by C-130 aircraft or UH-60 or larger helicopters to the aircraft landing area and rapidly begin operation. It will provide terminal ATC services for selected high traffic landing areas in the Echelon Above Corps (EAC), corps, and division areas. The ATC services will include the necessary coordination permitting instrument meteorological conditions recovery and landing with Army precision approach radar. The MOTS will have digital air/ground communication and digital linkage into A2C2, air traffic services, and local command nets. It will replace the AN/TSQ-70A & AN/TSW-7A.

The Army has joint interest with the Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force for acquisition of the Marine Corps mobile tower and Air Force Tower Restoral Vehicle. The Tower Restoral Vehicle (TRV), developed for the US Air Force by Tracor Aerospace Inc. of Austin TX, represents the next generation in mobile air traffic control (ATC) towers. Designed specifically to meet the needs of US Air Force deployment Operations, the TRV can be deployed to provide critical ATC tower services at temporary and bare bases or alternate off-base-landing areas for extended or initial use. It also may be used to quickly and efficiently restore limited ATC tower services at tactical air bases after loss of more permanent facilities. The TRV may be rapidly set up or torn down (Set Up Time: Limited Operation, less than 10 minutes, Full operation, Less than 90 minutes). Operations of the Mobile Tower may extend up to 30 days without preventative maintenance.

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