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The AN/ULQ-24(V) (ULQ-24) Countermeasures (CM) Set is a programmable laboratory simulator that provides generic electronic countermeasures (ECM) threat simulation. The advanced ECM techniques produced by the ULQ-24 are used for the test and evaluation of radars and radar-guided missiles. The use of the ULQ-24 is not restricted to a laboratory environment; it can also be mounted in specially equipped aircraft to provide jamming techniques for aerial electronic combat training.

The ULQ-24 generates a wide variety of threat representative ECM modes. The ECM parameters are controlled through a computer interface - a distinct advantage over previous laboratory simulators. This capability provides increased speed and repeatability. If additional ECM modes are needed, several AN/ULQ-21(V) CM Set system modules can be used with the ULQ-24.

The ULQ-24 contains an internal computer for system control, an internal AC/DC converter, dual input and output RF ports, two serial ports, and a VGA video interface. Due to the flexibility of the ULQ-24, it can interface with external control systems such as a PC terminal (IBM/MAC) for laboratory use or a METE II control box for aerial operations.

ULQ-24 Countermeasures Set

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