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AN/TRN-45 Mobile Microwave Landing System (MMLS)

The AN/TRN-45 is a solid state tactical transportable all weather guidance system which provides highly reliable localizer glideslope facilities for aircraft approaching landing at airfields. Normally used in a bare base tactical environment, the new Mobile Microwave Landing System will allow Air Force aircraft to quickly set up a precision approach capability at airfields that have limited or no navigational aids. This will enable aircraft to establish operations for adverse weather and fly a precision approach to landing.

Normal setup is a collocated configuration where elevation and azimuth antennas are situated together at the typical ILS glideslope antenna location. The collocated configuration requires using aircraft to be equipped with specialized MLS receivers (e.g., CMLSA, PLSR). A split-site configuration places the azimuth antenna at the departure end of the runway.

The system has an azimuth coverage of +/- 40 degrees, elevation coverage of 0.9 degrees to 15 degrees, and a 15 NM range under optimal conditions. Frequency range: MMLS 5031-5091 MHz, DME/P 979-1150 MHz.

Three trained personnel can set up the MMLS in a co-located configuration in 60 minutes. Set up in a split-site configuration will take 2 hours (times do not include site survey or transportation time). The unit requires Terminal Instrument Procedures Specialist (TERPS) to draw instrument approach procedures and flight inspection to be certified for IFR use.

MMLS augments existing Air Force Air Traffic Control and Landing systems allowing its aircraft to operate at airfields with limited or no navigational aids in adverse weather. MMLS is an all-weather, lightweight, transportable, ground-based precision approach system. It was specifically designed to give AMC’s C-17 and C-130 aircraft the ability to rapidly project combat-ready forces and cargo to any location worldwide. Some of the mobile precision approach radar systems currently being used can take seven C-130 loads and 33 personnel 48-72 hours to set up. The MMLS can be airlifted in one C-130 and can be set up by three people in less than two hours. Using MMLS, aircraft approaches can frequently commence at an austere airfield in less than 24 hours.

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