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AN/TPN-19 Landing Control Center

The AN/TPN 19 Landing Control Central (Radar Set) is a complete Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) or Ground Controlled Approach (GCA) facility. The radar unit is used by air traffic controllers to identify, sequence, and separate participating aircraft; provide final approach guidance, guidance through air defense corridors and zones, and coordinate ID and intent with local air defense units at assigned airports / air bases / bare bases. These services can be provided in all types of weather with little or no effect on the equipment operation and ATC services provided to the aircraft.

The radar unit is capable of identifying aircraft using secondary radar within a 200 nautical miles (NM) radius and primary radar coverage to 60 NM. The PAR provides both azimuth and elevation information from 15 NM to touchdown. Both the PAR and ASR can be used as final approach aids.

The precision approach radar (PAR) provides both azimuth and elevation information from 20 NM to touchdown. The unit has six display indicators that are capable of providing both airport surveillance radar (ASR) and PAR displays in the operations shelter.

The unit has six display indicators capable of providing both Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) and PAR. With all indicators and communications equipment operational, the unit is capable of taking over ATC operations at busy airports. Depending on antenna location, the PAR system is capable of providing service for up to four runways, but the unit can provide approach guidance to only one runway at a time. The ASR and PAR may be deployed autonomously.

Ten maintenance personnel are needed to install the AN/TPN-19 within 26 hours, not including site survey. Under combat limited situations with no augmentees assigned, the standard setuptime is 36 hours. After setup, six radar maintenance personnel can maintain the TPN-19, with the other four available for redeployment. The power production and air conditioning maintenance personnel may be "pooled" with other personnel to meet deployed location requirements. Requires flight inspection to become operational.

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