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AN/GRC-239 Tropo Satellite Support Radio (TSSR)

The AN/GRC-239 Radio Set is a full duplex line of site microwave radio designed for quick deployable military applications. Also known as the Tropo Satellite Support Radio (TSSR), this radio's ease of set-up, transport, and reliable operations make it a great substitute for long cable runs. The operating range of the TSSR is 14.4 to 15.25 GHz. The AN/GRC-239 is fully compatible with the older TER-170 TSSR. The TSSR uses FM modulation and is used with almost all existing TRI-TAC equipment.

The TSSR(V)2 is a solid state, Frequency Modulated (FM), wideband microwave radio system designed to replace existing tactical CX-11230 dual coaxial cable runs or Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assemblages (TFOCA) interconnecting the AN/TRC-170(V) (or other TRI-TAC equipment, including GMF) with remote locations. The original intent for the utilization of this system was to remote tactical high power RF emitters away from operational areas.

The TSSR(V) is capable of Line-Of-Sight (LOS) transmission paths only. The radio transmits and receives in the 14.4-15.25 GHz range (100 Khz steps). Transmit to receive frequencies should be 100 MHz or greater in separation. The radio was purposely designed with a low power output (300mW), based on it's original concept of operation. This limits supportable path lengths to about 5-10 miles.

The TSSR(V) is capable of providing connectivity to a single TRI-TAC Digital Trunk Group (DTG) with a data rate from 72-4608 KB/s. The TSSR(V) can also support a Balanced NRZ group from the AN/TAC-1 at a 6.144 MB/s data rate. A analog voice orderwire capability is also modulated onto the RF carrier.

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