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The AN/DPT-2(V) Mini-Pod (mini-pod) is an emitter system capable of producing pulsed radio frequency (RF) signals representative of systems in carrier frequency, pulse repetition frequencies, and pulse widths. It consists of a Radar Transmitting Set AN/DPT-2(V) (DPT-2), an I-Band or a J-Band magnetron, a waveguide monitor assembly, a flex waveguide, and an antenna.

The mini-pod operates on 28 VDC power. Mini-pod RF carrier frequency is 9.375 GHz when using an I-Band magnetron or 14.85 GHz when using a J-band magnetron. Mini-pod pulse repetition frequencies are adjustable between 400 and 1400 Hz and pulse widths are fixed at 0.8 microseconds. The mini-pod produces peak RF power of 20 kW (minimum).

The AN/DPT-2 Integrated Expendable Emitter is an airborne system which provides a number of radar signal simulations from a single compact package. The system is basically a pulse transmitter capable of operation at a single pulse width, continuously variable PRF, in I- and J-Band. It is designed for installation in MQM-74C targets. With the addition of an antenna and a DC power source, a complete low cost emitter system is ready for use.

The AN/DPT-2A Radar Transmitter Set (RTS) is a high-power pulse RF transmitter which is used to provide threat radar simulation in the BQM-74C and TDU-34 targets. It is made up of a modulator assembly and an interchangeable magnetron (either I- of J-Band). The unit operates on one of two frequencies which are set via magnetron replacement. (The I-band magnetron operates at 9.375 GHz ▒ 100 MHz, and the J-Band magnetron operates at 14.8 GHz ▒ 100 MHz.) One of two pulse widths can be selected - either 0.8 or 1.2 microseconds. The PRF is adjustable between 400-1400 pulses per second.

The AN/DPT-2B(V) Radar Transmitting Set (RTS) is a pulse modulated radar threat simulator that is usable in land, air, and sea environments. The multiple environment and usage requirements (targets, drones, aircraft pods, shipboard, and ground vehicles) impose restrictions as to size, weight, and support requirements. The design and development of the AN/DPT-2B(V) (hereafter called DPT-2B) has been accomplished with maintainability and ease of operation as the leading factors. It is a single water tight unit which interfaces with military and commercial magnetrons. The DPT-2B pulse width (PW) and pulse repetition frequency (PRF) are adjustable either locally or by remote control. The DPT-2B operates at 9.35 - 9.40 GHz in the I-Band or 14.8 - 14.9 GHz in the J-Band depending on the magnetron installed in the system. The PW is selectable between 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, and 1.2 microseconds (Ás). The peak power minimals are 20 kilowatts (kW) for the J-Band and 20 kW for the I-Band. The pulse repetition frequency is adjustable over a range of 200 to 5000 Hz. The RTS is pressurized at 8 psig, and requires external 28 VDC primary power and a 28 VDC control voltage to operate.

DPT-2 Mini Pod Emitter System

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