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The AN/DPT-1(V) Maxi-Pod (maxi-pod) is an emitter system capable of producing pulsed radio frequency (RF) signals representative of systems in carrier frequency, pulse repetition frequencies, and pulse widths. It consists of a AN/DPT-1(V) (DPT-1) Radar Transmitting Set, an I-Band or a J-Band magnetron, a waveguide monitor assembly, a flex waveguide, and an antenna.

The maxi-pod operates on 28 VDC power. Maxi-pod RF carrier frequency is adjustable between 7.8 and 9.6 GHz when using an I-Band magnetron or 14.0 and 15.2 GHz when using a J-Band magnetron. Maxi-pod pulse repetition frequencies are adjustable between 200 and 2000 Hz and pulse widths are adjustable at 0.4 or 0.8 microseconds. The maxi-pod produces peak RF power of 70 kW (minimum).

The AN/DPT-1(V) (DPT-1) Radar Transmitting Set (RTS), operating in conjunction with selectable magnetrons to produce high power, pulse modulated, microwave carrier transmission, can simulate threats in the H-band (7.8 - 8.5 GHz), I-band (8.5 - 9.6 GHz), low J-band (14.0 - 15.2 GHz) and high J-band (15.5 - 17.5 GHz) ranges. The DPT-1 is capable of producing pulse repetition frequency rates from 200 to 5000 Hz in three modes: steady, jitter, and stagger. One of two pulse values (0.2, 0.5) may be selected manually. To simulate the three possible stages of a missile threat (search, acquisition and lock-on), the RTS can scan equally spaced groups, offset groups (delay) and constant pulses (scan-off).

The DPT-1 is a solid state high-power pulsed transmitter set configured in a watertight enclosure. All radar transmitting set adjustments and controls are accessible from the exterior surface of the enclosure. The radar transmitting set consists of a modulator assembly, power supply assembly, charging and discharging circuits, pulse forming networks, and pulse transformer. It is equipped with a blower fan to provide constant air flow across the magnetron to disperse heat, and shock mounts to provide damping of vibration and shock, and provide the physical interface for mounting to the tray assembly. The DPT-1 is used in the aircraft mounted AN/AST-4(V), targets, and ground threat emitter (GTE) and surface threat emitter (STE) applications.

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