Acting Pentagon Spokesman's Tuesday Briefing

DoD News Briefing - Rear Admiral Craig Quigley, USN, DASD (PA)

Q: New subject. On the V-22, will you have - do you have any comment
on the GAO report that apparently says that not all the testing of the
V-22 that might have been done was done?

Quigley: I have not seen it yet, Jamie. But I know that the V-22
review panel was briefed by the GAO on the early findings from their
review, I think, on the 12th of January. So they have this information
at their disposal; they've had it now for a month and a little. And
we'll certainly incorporate GAO's findings as part of their overall

Q: Do you plan to release that report or any of those findings that
were briefed to the panel?

Quigley: Well, it's not our report; it would be the GAO's. It's my
understanding that they do intend to release it today, but I just have
not seen it yet.


Q: Along those same lines, it's my understanding that those meetings
are public. Have they held any public meetings yet?

Quigley: I think the first is the 9th of March.