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C-27A Spartan

The C-27A Spartan is a twin turboprop engine aircraft designed to meet Air Force requirements for a rugged, medium size airland transport. The aircraft is particularly suited for short-to-medium range tactical operations into semi-prepared airfields as short as 1,800 feet. The C-27A is an all-weather, day/night transport with capabilities to perform medical evacuation missions. It can carry 24 litters and four medical attendants, or 34 ground troops. The Spartan has a cargy capacity of more than 2,000 cubic feet, or 12,000 pounds. The C-27A operates with a three person crew of aircraft commander, copilot and loadmaster. The Air Force C-27A fleet consists of 10 aircraft stationed with the 24th Wing at Howard AFB, Panama, and flown by aircrews from 310th Airlift Squadron.

The Spartan is modified from the G222 airframe manufactured in Naples, Italy, by Alenia, S.P.A. Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems, Inc., as prime contractor, procured G222-710 aircraft from Alenia, and modified those aircraft by installing upgraded navigation, communication, and mission systems required for C-27A operation.


Primary FunctionCargo/passenger transport
Power Plant/ManufacturerTwo General Electric T64-P4D engines
Shaft Horse Power3,400 each
Dimension74.5 feet long by 34.7 feet wide
Wingspan94.2 feet
Speed250 knots
Ceiling25,000 feet
Takeoff Weight (Typical)56,878 pounds
Empty Weight39,500 pounds
Range1,500 nautical miles
Takeoff Distance1,500 feet
Runway1,800 feet by 45 feet

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