(b) OPNAVINST 1500.71

C-101. General. The following matrix lists those exercises approved for readiness reporting under the type commanders' exercise equivalency program. This exercise equivalency program includes only scenarios run on own ship's systems whether generated from shore-based/mobile (van) scenario generators or embedded/on board scenario generators.

a. When accomplished via shore-based or mobile team training devices of the major fleet schools (e.g. FCTCs, FASWTCs, TACTRAGRUs, and ATGs), the exercises listed in these matrices are specifically pre-approved as equivalencies.

b. When accomplished by shipboard embedded/on board trainers, the exercises listed in these matrices are approved as equivalencies provided that approved scenarios (as listed in reference (a) warfare area bulletin for the scenario generator concerned) are used. Other scenarios must be approved by the ATG or the type commander.

C-102. As indicated in Article 6107, equivalencies will not be granted for actual weapons firings except as noted therein. In addition, specific exercises designated as readiness caps must be satisfactorily performed. Exercises claimed by equivalence will not remove or negate caps.

C-103. Included Scenario Generation Devices

a. Shore-based:

TACDEW Tactical Advanced Combat Direction and Electronic Warfare System

ENWGS Enhanced Navy Wargaming System

20B4 Mobile Combat Systems Trainer, Device 20B4

20B5 Mobile Combat Systems Trainer, Device 20B5

RAVIR Radar Video Recorder


b. On board/embedded:

ACTS AEGIS Combat Training System

E/RESS Enhanced/Radar Environmental Simulator System, AN/USQ-93

VSS Video Simulation System

SQQ89 OBT AN/SQQ-89 On Board Training Device - using Trainer Control Device (TCD) for multi-ship scenarios.

T5/T6 Passive/Active AEGIS AN/SQS-53A Sonar Simulator

TEPEE Tomahawk Engagement Planning Exercise Evaluator

EWOBT S10H7 Electronic Warfare On Board Trainer (EWOBT)

EWTRAD Electronic Warfare Training Readiness Assessment Device

MK92 SGP MK 92 Scenario Generation Program (FFG 7 class)

NTCS-A RPT Navy Tactical Communications System - Afloat Repeatable Performance Evaluation

and Analysis Tool (tape recorder)

SQQ-91 Combat System Training System AN/SQQ-91 for LHD

SQQ-94 Combat System Training System AN/SQQ-94 for MCM

20E19 NGFS Training Device

C-104. Feedback regarding training deficiencies associated with shipboard/embedded training devices will be reported using Navy Training Feedback System Form described in reference (b) (Form OPNAV 1500/39).