1. Discussion. Normally, the Operations Officer (CRUDES) or First Lieutenant (AMPHIB/CLF) is responsible for seamanship training. This includes identification, formulation, integration, and conduct of all mobility mission area training pertaining to seamanship. The Seamanship Training Team (STT) will also include navigation. In support of this goal, it must ensure that operational and casualty scenarios are conducted and evaluated regularly to maintain readiness. Scenarios and evolutions must be preceded by thorough preparation through formal schools, shipboard lectures, individual study, walk through scenarios and possibly, remedial training. The training must be integrated with the ship's long range training plan and include all major evolutions and schedule milestones such as LOA, CART, FEP, deployment, etc. It must address all training that must be completed to meet these goals and milestones. Including flight deck operations and VERTREP procedures, which will be addressed during AAV / ARE.

a. The goal of the Seamanship Training Team is to improve the readiness of the appropriate personnel to accomplish the following objectives:

(1) Assess the qualifications of individual crew members in the performance of their duties in seamanship and navigation evolutions.

(2) Assess the readiness and effectiveness of the deck, CIC and navigation divisions in functioning as a team in the performance of seamanship/navigation evolutions.

(3) Plan, brief, conduct and debrief training using applicable instructions and publications for the ship's deck and navigation divisions.

(4) Propose a training schedule of required exercises to the ship's training officer quarterly to maintain a high level of proficiency in seamanship and navigation.

(5) Analyze any problem areas and initiate corrective actions to eliminate the possibility of personnel injury and damage to equipment using Operational Risk Management (ORM).

2. Organization.

a. Team Leader. The Operations Officer (CRUDES) or First Lieutenant (AMPHIB/CLF) will normally be the STT Leader.

b. Team Coordinator. The First Lieutenant (CRUDES) or ship's boatswain (AMPHIB/CLF) will normally be the STT Coordinator.

c. Trainer/Evaluator. Generally assigned to the senior Petty Officer or Chief Petty Officer in training area. Must be PQS qualified for watch station being trained. Selection should be based upon their ability to interact with people and yet critically assess their abilities.
























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