Ref: (a) OPNAVINST 3120.32C



1. Discussion. As specified in references (a) and (b), the Engineer Officer is responsible for developing a well trained engineering department capable of operating the plant under all conditions. An overall Engineering Department Training Plan must be laid out in accordance with reference (c).

a. The goal of the Engineering Training Team is to improve the readiness of the crew to accomplish the following objectives:

(1) Ensure all watchstanders are knowledgeable in the fundamental theory and systems aspects, routine operations and material condition assessment of the plant and are capable of comprehending the symptoms and impact of impending casualties on the plant.

(2) Operate the propulsion and auxiliary plant in strict accordance with established procedures. These procedures are designed to accomplish, maximize the operating life of the machinery and ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment.

(3) Act promptly to detect and control abnormal plant conditions that could lead to casualties.

(4) Once casualties occur, render the plant safe and stable by taking the prescribed immediate actions.

(5) Restore propulsion and electrical capabilities after a casualty, in a timely manner, in order to maximize combat effectiveness.

2. Organization.

a. Team Leader. The Engineering Training Team Leader is normally the Engineer Officer and at minimum must be a senior, responsible EOOW qualified engineering department officer or experienced Chief Petty Officer.

b. Team Coordinator. The ETT Coordinator is normally the Main Propulsion Assistant and at minimum must be a senior, responsible EOOW qualified engineering department officer or Senior Chief Petty Officer technically proficient in the conduct of drills and evolutions.

3. Reports and Records. Training schedules/records kept in accordance with references (b) and (c) need not be duplicated in any other format.



























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