AAWC - Anti-air Warfare Commander

ADP - Automated Data Processing, computer based processing of information and files, and the associated equipment.

Afloat Training Group - Primary training organization for ship basic phase training.

AFOSS - Aviation Fuels Operational Sequencing System

AIMD - Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department

AOC - Association of Old Crows, sponsors for annual EW award. See Chapter 5, Section 2.

APTS - Acoustic Proficiency Training Systems is an acoustic analysis CBT device available at FLEASWTRACEN, FTC Norfolk, and all ATGs. It is used for initial and refresher training of acoustic analysts.

ARE - Aviation Readiness Evaluation, a biannual evaluation preceding the aviation certification of aviation capable ships.

ASTAC - Anti-submarine Tactical Air Controller

AT - Annual Training. Reserve personnel annual active duty for training.

AT/FP - Anti-terrorism / Force Protection, refers to measures to enhance unit and personnel security through threat indoctrination and awareness training.

ATG - See Afloat Training Group

ATT - Aviation Training Team

BAF - Back-up Alert Force, part of ship’s internal physical security organization.

BFIMA - Battle Force IMA, part of the concept of fostering an intermediate level maintenance capability in the Battle Force (BFIMA) or in the ARG (ARGIMA). See para. 2110.

BFTT - Battle Force Tactical Trainer, an onboard training capability being developed / installed in some ship classes.

BIA - Basic / Intermediate / Advanced, an acronym to describe some of the exercises requirements listed in Appendix A and to distinguish these exercises from the repetitive exercises that have shorter expiration periods. BIA exercises have a 2 year life.

CART - See Command Assessment of Readiness and Training

CASREP - Casualty Report, an operational report to report equipment / material casualties.

CBT - Computer based training

CCOI / COI - Critical Contact of Interest / Contact of Interest, terms to indicate level of importance of contact information

CHOP - Change in operation control; for example, when ship shifts from TYCOM operational control to that of numbered fleet commander.

CINTEX - Combined inport training exercise

CIWS - Close in weapons system, also called PHALANX. Variants Block 1 and Block 2.

CLF - Combat Logistics Force

CMTQ - See Cruise Missile Tactical Qualification -

Command Assessment of Readiness and Training, CART 1 is a ship conducted review of the next IDTC training requirements. CART 2 is an ISIC conducted, ATG assisted, post maintenance period assessment of the ship’s training needs for the basic phase of training. CART 2 determines the TSTA requirements.

COMSEC - Communications Security

CRC - Communication Readiness Certification, See para. 2102.

CREWCERT - Crew Certification Program, See Chapter 2.

CRT - Casualty Response Team

Cruise Missile Tactical Qualification, a biannual, in most cases, required certification for Tomahawk and Harpoon equipped ships.

CSCCE - Combat Systems Casualty Control Exercise

CSOOW - Combat Systems Officer of the Watch

CSOSS - Combat Systems Operational Sequencing System

CSRR - Combat Systems Readiness Review

CSSQT - Combat Systems Ship Qualification Trials

CSTT - Combat Systems Training Team

CWOSS - Chilled Water Operational Sequencing System

DARTS - Air Deployable Acoustic Readiness Training System is an acoustic analysis training system for HSL aircrews. ATGPAC is converting AIR DARTS scenarios to be compatible with the AN/SQQ-28(V) for shipboard training.

DBM - Data Base Manager, a watchstander who correlates non-real time contact locating information.

DCTT - Damage Control Training Team

DLRP - Data Link Reference Point, a reference point to coordinate the display of tactical data system information.

DT - Developmental Test, part of the test and evaluation process of introducing new systems into the fleet

ECERT - See Engineering Certification

ECO - Engagement Control Officer, coordinator of Tomahawk mission

EDVR - Enlisted Distribution Verification Report.

EEBD - Emergency Escape Breathing Device

EKMS - Electronic Keying Material System, formerly CMS.

EMATT - MK 39 Expendable Mobile ASW Training Target.

EMCON - Emission control

EMO - Electronics Material Officer

Engineering Certification - the current process of certifying ships engineering readiness. Replaces the former Operational Propulsion Examination. See para. 2102.

Engineering Readiness Process - See Engineering Certification.

EOCC - Engineering Operational Casualty Control, standard procedures to control anticipated casualties.

EOOW - Engineering Officer of the Watch

EOP - Engineering Operational Procedures

EOSS - Engineering Operational Sequencing System

EP - Engagement Planner, a watchstander in the SUW/STK organization of cruise missile equipped ships.

ESWS - Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist

ETT - Engineering Training Team

EWEX - Electronic Warfare Exercise, typically an inport training exercise.

FDNF - Forward Deployed Naval Forces, ships and staffs permanently homported in overseas locations.

FEP - Final Evaluation Period. ISIC conducted event. Culmination of basic training phase. See para 2302. Also used to describe training team proficiency as in "at FEP level."

FIREX - An acronym to describe firing portions of NSFS qualification. FIREX 1 is initial qualification, FIREX 2 is requalification.

FXP - Fleet Exercise Publication. A series of publications that describe training exercises in all mission areas for all platforms. Distributed on NTIC CD-ROM.

GMT - General Military Training

HERO - Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance, refers to a prohibition on types of electromagnetic radiation while handling ordnance, etc.

IDT - Individual Drill for Training - Reserve personnel weekend training..

IDTC - Interdeployment Training Cycle, term used to describe the maintenance and workup period between deployments.

IET - Inport Emergency Team (IET)

IMA - Intermediate Maintenance Activity

IMAV - Intermediate Maintenance Availability

IMT - Integrated MCM Training (IMT)

IOBT - Internal On-board Trainer is the standalone AN/SQS-53D (EC-16/84) active sonar training subsystem.

ISIC - Immediate Superior in Command

ITT - Integrated Training Team

JQR - Job Qualification Requirements - a locally prepared qualification for which PQS does not exist.

LC - Launch Control, part of the strike team.

LINKEX - Link exercise for tactical data ships

LMA - Logistics Management Assessment

LMRC - Library Multimedia Resource Center, a shipboard facility with adequate resources to conduct training using computer based training tools. See Appendix E.

LOA - Light Off Assessment

LOK - Level of Knowledge

LRTP - Long Range Training Plan

LTT - Limited Training Team

MATCONOFF - Material Control Officer, a function typically in a battle group organization to facilitate the efficient provision and handling of repair parts.

MCA - Mid-Cycle Assessment - a portion of the engineering readiness process, typically conducted while deployed.

MCM - Mine countermeasures, also mine countermeasures class ships.

MEF - Mid-East Force, non-battle group ships deployed to the Arabian Gulf

MOVREP - Movement report, and operation report concerning the location and movement of ships and staffs.

MRC - Maintenance Requirement Card, part of the Planned Maintenance System, on which steps, material and personnel requirements for a specific maintenance action are listed.

MRCI - Mine Readiness Certification Inspection

MTT - Medical Training Team, also Mobile Training Team

NAVOSH - Navy Occupational Safety and Health, a term used to describe training related to these areas.

NEC - Navy Enlisted Classification, a code used to describe enlisted skills gained through formal schools or experience. Used by the distribution system to fill designated billets with required skills.

NFC - Numbered Fleet Commander; i.e., C2F, C3F, C5F, C6F or C7F.

NMETLS - Navy Mission Essential Task List

NOBC - Navy Officer Billet Code, a code used to describe officer skills gained through experience.

NRF - Naval Reserve Force

NSFS - Naval Surface Fire Support, formerly Naval Gunfire Support (NGFS)

NSTAD - Naval Sensor Training Aids Department at FLEASWTRACEN was responsible for the Acoustic Sensor Training Aids Program (ASTAP). This program provided acoustic analysis recordings and manuals to all naval commands with acoustic detection capabilities or training missions. NSTAD has been disestablished and the ASTAP responsibilities have been assumed by ONI.

NTFS - Navy Training Feedback System, a tool evaluate training related deficiencies to appropriate levels.

NTSP - Navy Training System Plan, document used to describe required training for new systems planned for fleet introduction. Formerly Navy Training Plan (NTP)


OBT - Onboard Trainers

OCSOT - Operational Combat Systems Overall Test, a recurring combat systems PMS check.

ODCR - Officer Distribution Control Report

OMT - See Onboard Maintenance Training

ONI - Office of Naval Intelligence

OOB - Order of Battle, a listing of military resources; e.g., enemy order of battle is a list of enemy forces which are arrayed against friendly forces.

OOC - Out of commission, referring to equipment or material casualties.

OPSEC - Operational Security

ORM - Operational Risk Management, a process of assessing potential risk in operations and training. See para. 3410.

OT - Operational Test, part of the test and evaluation process of introducing new systems into the fleet

PACFIRE - Pre-action calibration. Test firing of guns prior to surface action/exercises. Used to determine arbitrary correction to hit (ACTH).

PADS - Passive Acoustic Display Simulator is an acoustic analysis computer based training (CBT) devise.

PBFT - Planning Board for Training

PDT&T - Post Delivery Test and Trial

PEB - Propulsion Examining Board. Fleet CINC team responsible for certifying ship engineering readiness.

PPG - Pre-Overhaul Planning Guide

PQS - Personnel Qualification System, a formal qualification system in theory, systems and watch qualifications.

PRT&T - Post Repair Test and Trial

QA - Quality Assurance

RAM - Rolling Airframe Missile, an new short range AW weapons system being introduced in some ship classes.

RBTP - Reserve Billet Training Plan

Repair 8 - The electronic casualty control organization in non-CSOSS ships.

ROC - Required Operational Capabilities

ROE - Rules of Engagement

RSG - Readiness Support Group

RSO - Readiness Support Organization

SAT - Security Alert Team, part of the shipboard physical security organization.

SAU - Ship Augment Units, reserve personnel units designated to augment specific ships’ companies.

SCLSIS - Ship Configuration and Logistics Support Information System

SDOSS - Sewage Disposal Operational Sequencing System

SEAOPS - Safe Engineering and Operations, name of a series of manuals which are the primary reference for LCAC operations.

SELRES - Selected Reservists

SERT - Ship Electronic Repair Team

SESI - Shipboard Explosive Safety Inspection

SMDR - The Senior Medical Department Representative

SOMMTIP - Ship's Overhaul Modernization Manning and Training Information Program

SORM - Ship’s Organization and Regulations Manual (OPNAVINST 3120.32)

SORTS - Status of Resources and Training Systems, an operational report describing ships material and training readiness to perform its mission.

SQIP - Shop Qualification Improvement Program, part of BFIMA concept. See para 2110.

SRTS - Short Range Training Schedule

SSAAPP - Surface Ship Acoustic Analysis Proficiency Program

SSRNM - Ship’s Self Radiated Noise Measurement

SSWC - Ship’s Surface Weapons Coordinator

STEP - Shipboard Training Enhancement Program. See Appendix E.

STO - System Test Officer

STT - Seamanship Training Team

SWC - Ship’s Weapons Coordinator, underway watch position in charge of ships weapons in tactical data equipped ships.

SWO BST - Surface Warfare Officer Billet Specialty Training, training identified by BUPERS for required enroute training.

SWTW - Surface Warfare Training Week, see Chapter 4, Section 2.

Tactical Training Strategy - term to describe the current plan for training of ships and staffs, with emphasis on self sustaining training capability with training teams and "train the trainer" application of training resources.

TADTAR - Temporary Additional Duty Target. Money allocated to ships and staffs to support temporary additional duty (TAD) expenses.

TAO - Tactical Action Officer, key underway watch officer who may have weapons release authority in the temporary absence of the commanding officer.

TCD - Training Control Device allows the AN/SQQ-89(V)-T OBT on up to eight ships to run a coordinated, simultaneous ASW scenario.

TEMADD - Same as Temporary Additional Duty (TAD)

TRMS - TYCOM Readiness Management System. See Chapter 6.

TRNGREP - Training report. Vehicle for ships and units of the force to report accomplishment of required training.

TSTA - Tailored Ship Training Availabilities. Periods of planned training following CART of increasing complexity: TSTA 1, TSTA 2, and TSTA 3. Also used to describe the growing capability of the ships training teams, as in "at the TSTA 1 level."

TTS - See Tactical Training Strategy

TYCOM - Type Commander

UBFCS - Underwater battery fire control system

UUV - Unmanned underwater vehicle

VBSS - Visit, Board, Search and Seizure, refers to measure used with respect to commercial shipping, typically in conjunction with counter-drug or maritime interception operations.

VERTREP - Vertical replenishment

Warfare Specialty Training - Formerly TSTA 4. This is specific training for amphibious warfare, mine warfare, or salvage ships conducted in conjunction with other basic training.

WCO - Weapons Control Officer