1. PQS Management Tools. The following PQS management tools are available through the supply system.

a. NAVEDTRA 43100-1D, PQS Manager's Guide (FSN: 0501-LP-221-0001). This publication, although not a directive, contains suggested procedures for implementing and administering PQS programs. Its use is strongly recommended.

b. NAVSUP PUB 2002, Navy Stock List of Publications and Forms (FSN: 0535-LP-004-0100). This publication (microfiche) lists all PQS materials in stock and all Navy forms and publications (revised quarterly).

c. NAVEDTRA 43100-5 (series), Personnel Qualification Standards Catalog. This publication lists all PQS documents (revised quarterly).

d. Personnel Qualification Standards and Qualification Cards. These are the tools used to determine and certify qualification requirements. Full signatures are required on qualification cards for each item. Qualification standards and cards may be tailored by commands as desired to conform to individual command configurations. Qualification Standards and Qualification Cards are available through the supply system by ordering direct from Naval Publications and Forms Center, 5801 Tabor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19120. Make sure the Supply Department is aware of the requirement to order from this source. Ordering through the normal supply system (other than direct from Philadelphia) will probably result in a canceled or "Not in Stock (NIS)" returned requisition.

e. PQS Progress Charts (FSN: 0115-00-015-0010). These forms are stocked at Naval Publications and Forms Center, Philadelphia and local Naval Supply Centers. Progress charts are used to document and monitor individual PQS progress. NAVEDTRA 43100-1D, the PQS Manager's Guide has detailed guidance on use of PQS progress charts. Progress charts shall include all applicable personnel, be updated periodically and their location should be known to all hands.

f. COMNAVSURFLANTINST 8023.4G/COMNAVSURFPACINST 8023.5C. This directive establishes the Explosive Handling Personnel Qualification and Certification (Qual/Cert) Program and states that qualification skills incident to certification can be achieved through a variety of training mediums including formal schools, locally prepared lesson guides, on-the-job training, and Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS). However, operators of Powered mobile Handling Equipment and Elevator Operators will be qualified with PQS standards.

2. Pertinent PQS Instructions and Outside Assistance

a. OPNAVINST 3500.34 series (Delineates Bureau level PQS responsibilities)

b. OPNAVINST 3120.32 series (SORM)

c. OPNAVINST 1412.2 series (SWO Requirements)

d. OPNAVINST 1414.1 series (ESWS Requirements)

e. NAVSUP PUB 2002 (Lists all forms and publications, including PQS)

f. NAVEDTRA 43100-1D (PQS Manager's Guide)

g. NAVEDTRA 43100-5 (Personnel Qualification Standards Catalog)

h. COMNAVSURFLANTINST 8023.4 series/COMNAVSURFPACINST 8023.5 series (Explosive Handling and Personnel Qualification and Certification (Qual/Cert) Program)

i. Outside Assistance: COMNAVSURFLANT AUTOVON 836-3089/3090, commercial (757) 322-3089/3090. COMNAVSURFPAC AUTOVON 577-3108 commercial (619) 437-3108.

j. NAVSURFLANT commands: NAVSURFLANT Regional Support Group Norfolk PQS Assistance Team: DSN 564-9149/9141, COMMERCIAL (757) 444-9149/9141