Newport Paper Number Thirteen

Sailing New Seas

Admiral J. Paul Reason, U.S. Navy
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
With David G. Freymann



Part One
. . . where we are, and whither we are tending . . .

Introduction A Time of Change
The Change Machine
The Navy's Environment
The Threat
The Response: Become Quicker, Cheaper,
and better

Part Two
. . . what to do . . .

What Needs to Be Done
Essential Navy Capabilities
Command and Control
Managing the Navy of the Future Using a Flight Deck Paradigm
Force Structure
Fleet Organization
Warfare Community Representation and Leadership in the Next Navy

Part Three
. . . and how to do it.

Getting from Here to There: The Most Difficult Part
Get Quick
Focus on Time
Refine the Requirements Process
Conclusion: Haze Gray and Underway


Appendix A Fighting Principles
Appendix B : Tactical Development
Appendix C : Complexity Theory
Appendix D : Acronyms
About the Authors