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The La Maddalena Naval Support Activity provides a wide range of fleet support. The Mediterranean has always been considered one of the strategic keys to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Located northeast of Sardinia, this base allows the Navy to monitor all shipping in the northern Mediterranean. This base includes activities on three islands connected only by boat service. Submarine Squardon 22 and Submarine Tender, USS SIMON LAKE (AS-33) provide mobile repair, weapons handling and logistic support for submarines and other Navy ships operating in the Medditerranean. Commanding Officer, NAVSUPPACT La Maddalena is the local area coordinator for all persons in the Department of the Navy (including those from the operating forces when ashore) and naval activities located ashore in the region of Sardinia, Italy.

Isola La Maddalena is the largest of the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago. Topography is rugged, with towering granite masses, coves and gulfs common throughout. Due to topography, local effects dominate the region's weather and conditons vary significantly over short distances.

Submarines nested alongside the tender can be affected by wave heights greater than 2 ft. Expect an occasional 2 ft wave anytime the sustained wind exceeds about 10 kt for an hour duration over a 3 n mi or more fetch. The Fleet landing on Isola La Maddalena is well protected from seas from all directions except south. However, there are few winds from the south and the fetch is limited to about 6 n mi. The Palau city pier is well protected from most directions but is vulnerable to seas and swell generated by northwesterly Ponente winds.

Sardinia is a small island, and Northern Sardinia doubles in size during the summer months due to the amount of tourists who come here for the beautiful beaches and campsites. During the winter months the summer haven for many turns into a retreat for those who live here providing cool blustry winds, breathtaking views of the sea, and some of the finest cappucino in Italy. In 1822, the United States sought to obtain La Maddalena as a base to protect its shipping from active pirates in the Mediterranean. The Sardinians refused the request as they were building a full-sized naval base here with naval stores, forts, batteries, an armory, a shipyard, artillery, fleet and command facilities. In 1972, the Italian government granted the United States Navy its "homeport" in La Maddalena.

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