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Table of Organization and Equipment

The Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) is a document that prescribes the wartime mission, capabilities, organizational structure, and mission essential personnel and equipment requirements for military units. It portrays the doctrinal modernization path (MODPATH) of a unit over time from the least modernized configuration (base TOE) to the most modernized (objective TOE).

Each TOE is identified by a unique number that should remain the same throughout the life of the organization. TOE developers, in coordination with the TRADOC force designers, are responsible for developing the proposed TOE number. USAFMSA RDD approves the TOE number.

The TOE number is composed of a nine-position, alphanumeric code, viz:

This number is also the first nine digits of the Standard Requirements Code SRC.

A description of the TOE number components follows:

Series: The series number is a 2-position numeric code indicating the branch or major non-branch subdivision of a TOE as described in AR 25-30. Table 1 is a list of series numbers and branches.

Series codes and branches

Series Titles
01 Aviation/Aviation Logistics
03 Chemical
05 Engineer
06 Field Artillery
07 Infantry
08 Medical
09 Ordnance (Missile/Munitions)
10 Quartermaster
11 Signal
12 Adjutant General/Band
14 Finance
16 Chaplain
17 Armor
19 Military Police
20 General
27 Judge Advocate
29 Composite Units and Activities (CSS)
30 Military Intelligence
31 Special Forces
32 Security
33 Psychological Operations
34 Combat Electronics Warfare and Intelligence
37 Mechanized units
41 Civil Affairs
42 Supply
43 Maintenance (except Missile)
44 Air Defense Artillery
45 Public Affairs
51 Army
52 Corps
54 Logistics Organizations & Operations
55 Transportation
57 Airborne Division
63 Combat Service Support
67 Air Assualt Division
77 Light Infantry Division
87 Heavy Division/Brigade

Organizational elements: A 3-position numeric code indicating the organizational elements of the branch or major subdivision follows the series number. The three digits in positions 3, 4, and 5 are:

Position 3 - The digit in position 3 (ECHELON) identifies the type unit within the branch or major subdivision. With the exception of the number 5, TOE developers use this position to designate the specific echelon of the unit. The number 5 denotes teams. Normal application is as follows:

• 0, 1, 2, and 3 - Divisional/brigade and equivalent
• 4 - Corps units
• 5 - Teams (generic)
• 6 - Echelons above corps (EAC)/theater army
• 7, 8, and 9 - Unique (e.g., 9 is used with series 01 to identify aviation maintenance TOEs.)

Position 4 - The digit in position 4 (UNIQUE) is used to specify the TOE within the categories outlined above.

Position 5 - The digit in position 5 (TYPE ORG) identifies the type of organization as indicated below:

• 0 - Corps, division, brigade or modular company (recapitulation).

• 1 - Corps headquarters and headquarters company (HHC) or similar or associated unit (headquarters and headquarters battery (HHB) corps artillery, headquarters and headquarters engineer command, rear area operations center (RAOC), etc.).

• 2 - Brigade, group, regiment, division artillery, or similar organization HHC/HHB/ headquarters and headquarters detachment (HHD)/headquarters and headquarters troop (HHT).

• 3 - Separate companies within brigade, division, or corps subgroups.

• 4 - Division HHC and, if required, some separate companies.

• 5 - Battalion or similar organization (recapitulation).

• 6 - Battalion or similar organization HHC, HHD, HHB, and HHT.

• 7, 8, and 9 - Company or similar organization within a battalion.

Position 6: An alphabetic character in position 6 indicates the TOE edition.

L-edition identifies all TOEs that incorporate Army of Excellence [AOE] concepts and doctrine.
A-edition TOEs incorporate Force Projection Army concepts and doctrine.
F-edition identifies Force XXI TOEs.

B-edition indicates audit
C-edition TOEs are those undergoing cyclic review, but not yet DA approved.
E-edition TOEs identify unique TOEs where there is a long standing HQDA approved requirement, based on unique mission; geography; climate; or equipment, but no equivalent A, F, or L-edition TOE exists.
S-edition indicates an automated unit reference sheet (AURS).
H- and J-editions are obsolete

Position 7: This position (VARIATION) is used to identify variations or teams. When there are variations, the number in position 7 is 0 or greater. The 7th digit of a TOE will remain constant when variations are added. The first number assigned in the 7th position of a TOE should be zero (0) e.g.: 07315L000. If an additional variation was needed for an Infantry Battalion (MTN) it would be created as 07315L100. A through Z will be used in position 7 to designate teams. If additional teams are required they will be identified by a different number in positions 4 or 5. Teams will be further identified by the number 5 in the third position of the TOE number.

Positions 8 and 9: Positions 8 and 9 are reserved for future use.

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